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2018 February, Reconstruction, duo show with Norbert Costin at Skånes Konstförening.

2017 April, Ibid. duo show with Norbert Costin at Black Framed Glass Cube Gallery, Galeriile Luxor, Târgu Mureş, Romania. Opening on the 21st of April.

2016 November and December, residency together with Mirko Nikolić at Saari Residence, Finland.

2016 August, residency at Røst A–I–R, with Mirko Nikolić.

2016 August 8, Hybrid(...)scapes in Mousse Magazine.

2016 August 17, Hybrid(...)scapes at Art Viewer.

2016 August 26, Interpretation of the exhibition Hybrid(...)scapes by Anton Zolo and Laima Stasiulionytė.

2016 July, Hybrid(...)scapes, curated by Vytautas Michelkevičius, July 23rd - August 28th, Nida Art Colony , Lithuania.

2016 June 18 - August 14, Industrisemester, curated by Johan Norling, Maskinhuset i Grängesberg, Sweden.

2016 Residency at NAC, Lithuania.

2016 May, was awarded Stockholm City Council Culture grant.

Tilldelades ett av Stockholms Stads kulturstipendier, med motiveringen:

Med skarpt öga undersöker konstnären Marika Troili en samhällsinstitution i förändring. Med boken "Inga kärleksbrev idag heller” har hon skapat ett djuplodande och vackert konstverk i bokform som ger läsaren en unik inblick i en brevbärares vardag.

2016 May 2 - 31, screening the new video "double you double you double you" at Pori Live Finland.

2016 May 10, Konst i arbete, seminar with Sveriges konstföreningar, Vetenskapens hus, Luleå.

2016 April 21, Konst i arbete, seminar with Sveriges konstföreningar, Konstepedemin , Göteborg.

2015 November 28, book release of the anthology Konst i Arbete, at Skånes Konstförening.

2015 November 21- 22, Konst i arbete, conference at the Museum of Work, Arbetets museum, in Norrköping.

2015 November 16, book release of Inga kärleksbrev idag heller "fortsatt framgångsrik kostnadsanpassning och löpande effektiviseringar" at Folkrörelsernas Konstfrämjande.

2015 October 27 - January 31, Prekär, group show at, the Museum of Work, Arbetets museum, in Norrköping.

2015 July, residency at Røst A–I–R, with Mirko Nikolić.

2015 June - August, Mustarinda 2015 Exhibition, Composition, group show, opening on the 10th of June, collaboration with with Mirko Nikolić.

2015 January, and smoke is billowing out of the chimney x 20, published in NAC Log No. 6, Techno-ecologies.

2015 January, contributed to Investigations on Artistic Subjectivity, a book project by Meriç Algün Ringborg and Erdem Taşdelen.

2015 January, residency lab guest, at Art Lab Gnesta.

2014 November, Open Studio, Studio Mossutställningar, Stockholm.

2014 And smoke is billowing out of the chimneys, exhibited in the context of Metsän henki / Forest Spirit, seminar at Mustarinda, Finland.

2014 September, residency at Mustarinda, Finland.

2014 May 22 - 25, Inter-format Symposium on Flux of Sand and Aquatic Ecosystems at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania.

2014 February, published together with David Larsson in Tourist Like Us: Critical Tourism and Contemporary Art, edited by Federica Martini & Vytautas Michelkevičius.

2014 January, published together with David Larsson in NAC Log No. 5 On Critical Tourism.

2013 December 6 - 7, particpating in Post-Digital Culture Symposium, Lausanne, Switzerland.

2013 October 20 - December 5, research residency in Lithuania at Residencyoyo, with support from Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse.

2013 October 18 - November 3, "To The Reader", BAK, Utrecht. An exhibition curated by Benjamin Fallon and part of The Impakt Festival 2013: Capitalism Catch-22.

2013 September 1 - October 18, artist in residence at Impakt, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

2013 June 13, She - A Factory, a one night event, at Romanian Cultural Institute, Stockholm.

2013 May 16 - 19, Participating together with David Larsson in Inter-format Symposium on Critical Tourism, Site-specificity and Post-romantic Condition, at Nida Art Colony Lithuania.

2013 May 8, "The Ghost Castle" an exhibition made in collaboration with Giorgio Giusti, within the art and research group Amount.